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Stepping into the Teaching
Two day seminar with Gita Saraydarian
2014 Seminar
8th & 9th February, 2014 in Hinterzarten, Germany

Stepping into the Teaching

Instructor: Gita Saraydarian
A series of seminars offering an introduction to the operating principles of the Teaching. The curriculum will follow TSG University's 5-Year Training program. Read more...

Who should attend this seminar?

Anyone who wishes to:
  • Deepen their understanding of the Ageless Wisdom Teachings
  • Develop skills in observation, meditation, analytical and critical thinking, self reliance
  • Build bridges to your deep happiness and joy
  • Become your True Self
  • Heal your emotions
  • Develop virtues

What can I gain from attending this seminar?

"...individuals gain mastery
over their physical life, heal their emotions and astral vulnerabilities,
and train their minds to think in the higher mind..."
Gita Saraydarian

We will have a greater understanding of how our human body works, what nourishes it and how we are receiving higher energies through our bodies and how we effect the outside world in every moment. At the end of this first seminar we will understand how transformation and human evolution works. Gita will explain the process simple and you will begin to integrate it immediately in your own life and benefit from it.

Further, this seminar will help the participant to develop skills in observation, meditation, analytical and critical thinking, self reliance, the development of virtues, and to becoming one's True Self. The key direction of all our courses and seminars is to help you build bridges to your deep happiness and joy. See more about our courses at the Torkom Saraydarian University here...

What are The Ageless Wisdom Teachings?

"The Ageless wisdom is the accumulated efforts of all human beings from
the earliest times until now to bring light, love, and energy into the human
psychology. It is an effort to uplift humanity with the light of understanding,
an effort guided by the direction of Cosmic Will."
Ashrams, page 43 by Torkom Saraydarian

"We must try to find those who are ready for the Teaching.
After preparing them for a while, we must lead them to a
stage of meditation. Christ said, "I will make you fishers of
men." "Fishers" means that we must bring a person from
chaos into order, from darkness into light..."
Ashrams, page 48 by Torkom Saraydarian

What is the Seminar About?

This is a unique opportunity to learn the Teaching step by step, from an experienced teacher of the Ageless Wisdom. The classes will help you build in you, in a solid and consistent manner, the most important concepts in the Ancient Wisdom Philosophies.

Gita explains:

"Education in the Principles of right living has been a deep interest for me for all my life. For many years,I worked on creating a training course that would give individuals a solid foundation in the Esoteric Teaching. I wanted to teach a course that would provide students with the operating principles of life.I know that when you learn how the engine of life works, then you will always know how to make the right decisions in your life. These intensive seminars are specifically tailored to give you logical, sequential, down to earth information that you can use in your daily life. Practically applied to your personal life, business and family life, these classes will enrich every facet of your daily expression."

"With each class, you will understand more deeply the way your bodies work, how the laws of nature operate, what are the causes and effects of life's decisions and much more."

"I searched through all of Torkom's writings and organized a plan that would correspond to his ideals of a spiritual university curriculum. I completed the full curriculum in the year 2000 and our first classes began in September of that year."

"Since then, many people have taken these courses both in our TSG Center in Arizona as well as online. I know the courses have enriched people's lives."

"Now we are launching a series of classes based on this five year study course and we welcome you to participate." List of classes is here...

For additional information on these classes, please see the YouTube video introduction

Seminar Content and Schedule
Saturday, February 8th - 10am to 5pm

101-1 Taking Stock: Striving Toward Perfection, Chapter 1 NDH
101-2 Constitution of Man, Chapter 2, NDH
101-3 The Etheric Body, Chapter 3, NDH
101-4 Prana and the Etheric Body, Chapter 4, NDH
101-4 Three Centers of Prana, Chapter 5, NDH
101-6 Prana and the Sun, Chapter 6, NDH

Sunday, February 9th - 10am to 5pm

102-1 Fires in the Etheric Body, Chapters 7 & 8, NDH
102-2 Centers and the Etheric Body, Chapter 10,NDH
102-3 Coordination of Centers, Chapter 11, NDH
102-4 The Kundalini Fire, Chapter 12, NDH
102-5 Thought and Objects, Chapter 13 & 15, NDH
102-6 Meditation and Visualization

Recommended Reading Texts for the 1st Year:
  • New Dimensions in Healing (NDH) by Torkom Saraydarian
  • Telepathy and the Etheric Vehicle (Telepathy) by A. A. Bailey
  • Aura, Shield of Protection and Glory (Aura) by Torkom Saraydarian

Notes for all students:

You may study these materials at any level you choose. Consult with Gita for the best study program to fit your needs. Gita will be available for group Q/A, group consultations or individual consultations.
  • Level 1: join us live; enjoy the presentations
  • Level 2: read the corresponding materials, join us live
  • Level 3: register for the full course online. Additional fees apply. You will have an online student account on our TSG University site with full study materials and a mentor to guide your progress. Your work will include reading, study, response to questions for each lesson and a final essay for each Quarter.

The first seminar will present the class contents for the First and Second Quarters of Year One of the five year training course. Subsequent seminar will continue with the topics in this training course.

Gita will be available for consultation to help you choose the right approach to study. Please contact Gita by email for pre-seminar consultation:

For additional information on these classes, please see the YouTube video introduction: > Gita on YouTube



Hinterzarten is a resort village in the Black Forest, located in the southwest of the state of Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Although Hinterzarten is mostly famous for its ski jumpers, it also has many tourist attractions.

The seminar will be held at
Sonnenhof Hinterzarten-Breitnau GmbH
Am Rössleberg 18
79856 Hinterzarten
Phone 07652 900-30
Fax 07652 900-340

The non smoking rooms are all en-suite and most have a balcony.
Hinterzarten - Tourist Information:

What does the seminar cost?

Seminar fee €185,- approx. £127.60
Students and young people under 20 years old €100,- approx.£ 68.97

What does the hotel accommodation and meals cost?

NB: Please book the hotel through us and not with the Seminar Hotel direct.

2 nights at the Seminar Hotel (per person - Friday night and Saturday night)
Single room €220,- approx. £151.73
Double room €200,- approx. £137.94
3 nights at the Seminar Hotel (per person - Friday, Saturday and Sunday night)
Single room €265,- approx. £182.77
Double room €240,- approx. £165.53

  • Breakfast buffet
  • Coffee / tea-break morning
  • Lunch (sourced locally)
  • Coffee / tea-break afternoon with home-made cake
  • 3-course-meal with salad buffet
  • Non-alcoholic drinks with meals
For additional accommodation in the locality (hotels or holiday apartments) see It is a beautiful location. Hinterzarten is a small village in the mountains, perfect for a few days of relaxation in nature or for skiing. If you choose to stay at another hotel other than the seminar hotel, please book your accommodation direct with the hotel. We are happy to liaise with seminar participants who would like to share holiday flat accommodation. Just let us know if this is your preference.

How to Pay (Seminar fee and accommodation)

Bank transfer - We will send you confirmation with the total costs by email

Banking information
Name: Time Out
Bank: EthikBank
Account: 3233154
Bank Code: 83094494
IBAN: DE03830944950003233154

Paypal - we will send you a payment request by paypal
Contact: (please note our PayPal address is

How to get there

By Car:
From north:
A5 exit Freiburg-Mitte
B31 direction Titisee-Neustadt, Donaueschingen, Hinterzarten

From south:
A81 exit Geisingen
B31 direction Freiburg then up to Hinterzarten

By train
Destination is Hinterzarten
via Freiburg or Donaueschingen every 30 minutes
then from the station within walking distance ca. 20 minutes
by taxi 3 minutes

By airplane
International flights to Z¨rich, Stuttgart or Frankfurt - from there by train Recommended Flights from London:
  1. EasyJet
  • London Gatwick to Basel Airport - Departure Friday, 8th at 8.15 am or at 2 pm
  • Basel Airport to London Gatwick - Departure Sunday, 9th at 9.15 pm or Monday 5pm at cheap rates.
Bus from Basel International Airport to the venue/hotel (Freiburg Train Station)
Duration of journey: 1 hrs
Cost: between around 20 Euro one way

  1. Ryanair
  • London Stansted to Karlsruhe Baden Airport - Departure daily at cheap rates (from 20 GBP upwards)
  • Karlsruhe Baden Airport to London Stansted - Departure daily at cheap rates (from 20 GBP upwards)
Bus from Karlsruhe Baden Airport to Freiburg Station
Duration of journey: about 1 hrs
Cost: between around 30 Euro one way

Connection Trains from other Airports/Flights:
  1. Train from Zürich International Airport to the venue/hotel
Departing Station: Zürich Airport
Arriving at: Hinterzarten
Duration of journey: 3-4 hrs
Cost: between 20 - 60 Euro one way

  1. Train from Stuttgart International Airport to the venue/hotel
Departing Station: Stuttgart Airport
Arriving at: Hinterzarten
Duration of journey: 3-4 hrs
Cost: between 20 - 50 Euro one way

  1. Train from Frankfurt International Airport to the venue/hotel
Departing Station: Frankfurt Airport
Arriving at: Hinterzarten
Duration of journey: 3 hrs
Cost: between 40 - 70 Euro one way


Register online here.
Register with the attached registration form and return to:

Jana Grossmann
Alpersbacher Strasse 20
DE-79856 Hinterzarten

As soon as we receive your registration form you will receive a confirmation by email. It contains the total amount, account details or a PayPal payment request.


For questions regarding the seminar and accommodations, please contact:
Jana Grossmann, email:

For questions regarding the content of the seminar please contact:
Gita Saraydarian, email:


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TSG University: A Spiritual Training Center Established in 2000

Curriculum for spiritual education and training. Classes are offered online and on-site. FAQs on spiritual training & TSG University
The TSG University is a Spiritual Training Center for the systematic study of the Ageless Wisdom Teachings.

Students may study courses for self enrichment, meditation study and training courses, or follow a specific program designed to learn the fundamentals of esoteric wisdom.

TSG University was founded by Gita Saraydarian. Classes began online and on-site in September 2000. The curriculum was created by Gita and is based on the many courses, classes, instructions, and visions of a Spiritual University that Torkom discussed in his writings and speeches.

Courses help the participant to develop skills in observation, meditation, analytical and critical thinking, self reliance, the development of virtues, and to becoming one's True Self. The key direction of all our courses is to help you build bridges to your deep happiness and joy.

The TSG University provides non-accredited certification as well as non-accredited degrees in BA, MA, and PhD in spiritual and philosophical education.

Our classes are offered on site at the TSG Center, by correspondence and e-mail, and online. Our workshops are offered annually in the United States and Europe.

See our calendar of events for detailed information.

Please feel free to contact us if you need any clarification or additional information.
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